निगमीय सामाजिक उत्तरदायित्व

निगमीय सामाजिक उत्तरदायित्व


In accordance with DPE guidelines 3(9)/2010-DPE/MoU Dated 23.09.2011,and after considering the current and future Business need of the organization, Board of Directors of the Company has framed the following CSR policy to help the poor by way of providing assistance as per the following head of expenditure under CSR to improve the living standard of the people.



  • Board in its 34th meting held on 29th May 2008 vide item no. 4 has approved an amount equivalent to 2% of profit before tax (PBT) of each financial year be set aside every year from the year 207-08 for funding the CSR activities of the succeeding financial year(s)
  • Board in its 42nd meeting held on 26th Dec 2009 vide item no. 13 approved that the company should focus mainly on following four are to accomplish its obligation on account of CSR.

1. Drinking water facility
2. Education
3. Afforestation and
4. Health & Family welfare


  • Board in its 51st meeting held on 08th Aug 2011 vide item no. 5 approved the following additional activities in our CSR scheme.

1. Building of Roads, Pathways and Bridges
2. Setting up of skill development Centres
3. Non-Conventional energy sources
4. Construction of community centres / Night shelters / Old aged homes


Policy on CSR


Details of CSR Projects 2012-13