Other Minerals

Other Minerals


Application has been made to the State Government of Rajasthan to acquire new SMS (Steel Melt Shop) Grade limestone mines on lease in the district of Jaisalmer. The annual capacity of these mines is estimated to be 4 lac MT.

The State Government has rejected the Company’s proposal on the basis of a policy decision taken to grant SMS Grade Lime Stone mine to M/s. RSMML only (State owned mining company).

The matter was referred to the Appellate Authority, i.e. Ministry of Mines, Government of India, for consideration, as we were of the opinion that the State Government cannot take policy decisions on the Central Government issues. In this regard, Secretary(Fertilizers),GoI has written a DO letter to Secretary(Mines),GoI to look into the matter so that newly formed FAGMIL having good resources is able to diversify in mining of SMS Grade Limestone.

The Appellate Authority not only granted stay order on date 25.08.2008 but also set aside the ML rejection order dated 04.07.2007 of state government and remanded back the matter as per MM(D &R) Act 1957 vide its judgment No.194/2010 dated 30.06.2010 .

In the mean time the Rajasthan State Govt. granted a letter of intent in favour of M/S RSMML during the stay. Therefore FAGMIL submitted the revision application to Appellate Authority MoM on 06.09.2010 whose hearing was held on 18.11.2010.

The Company has already having Financial and Technical resources to start the mining activity as soon as the lease is granted. It is estimated that production of Limestone may start during the financial year 2013-14 with the initial production of 1 Lakh MT in the 1st Year and thereafter to be increased by 0.50Lakh MT annually till it reaches 4 Lakh MT.


Good quality Rock Phosphate, an agricultural mineral, is also in short supply in the country. The Company is exploring sourcing of Rock Phosphate from other countries in association with other Indian companies. A team comprising of representatives from FAGMIL, MECON, RITES, PDIL and the Ministry has visited Syria for the purpose.

Efforts are also underway to obtain suitable Rock Phosphate reserves on lease for mining indigenously. In the process, the Company’s application for the Prospecting License of Rock Phosphate at Village Birmania near Jaisalmer is under process at State Government level and we are also perusing UPSMDC regarding Rock Phosphate Mining Lease at Lalitpur.

The Company is also exploring the possibility of producing the good quality SSP by procuring the raw material and reviving some closed SSP plant.