• Under its diversification programme for installing a white cement plant in Himachal Pradesh, FAGMIL has applied for one Mining Lease and four Prospecting Licenses near Nohra Dhar, District Sirmour (H.P). The applied areas lies within 80 kms East of Solan on Solan-Rajgarh-Nohra-Haripurdhar road (State Highway No.6). The applied areas falls on Survey of India Topo sheet No. 53 F/5. The area of applied Mining Lease is 1.08 Sq km (108 Hectare) and for the PL’s the total applied area is 3.75 Sq Km (375 Hectares). The proved reserves in the applied Mining Lease are to the tune of 3.87 Million MT.
  • The limestone present in the area is hard compact, white to snow white in color with black, blue and pink tinge. The average grade of limestone is CaO- 53.9%, MgO- 0.60%, Fe2O3- 0.19%, Al2O3-0.92%, Acid Insoluble’s- 1.53% and LOI- 42.59%. The test results of the lime stone samples were found suitable for chemical use and white cement production.
  • Activities undertaken so far:
  1. Applied for ML on 16.04.2013 and PL on 24.04.2014
  2. NCCBM was awarded the job of conducting prefeasibility studies for installing white cement plant, which submitted its report after field visit and conducting necessary studies. The Project cost for 0.3 Million Ton PA Capacity Plant is 200 Crore (As per the report of NCCBM dated December 2013)
  3. Revenue records of all the applied areas were submitted to the Industries Department of Himachal Government in the month of March and April 2015.
  4. Industry department after scrutinizing the revenue record raised some queries vide letter dated 15.07.2015., which were satisfactorily replied.
  5. State Geologist vide letter No 1002 dated 26.04.2016 formed a Committee for Joint inspection of the ML Area.
  6. Mining Officer, Nahan (Sirmour), Himachal Pradesh vide letter No 427 dated 20.05.2016 sought certified copy of Demarcation Report of the Area and advised to erect Boundary pillars in the area along with the revenue records.
  7. Demarcation fee as per the provisions of MCR 1960 rule 7(3) amounting Rs 5,40,000/- deposited to the Industries department on 24.05.2016. Boundary pillars were erected in November 2016 and necessary revenue records such as nakal Musabi and Mutation record collected and submitted to respective authorities on 06.12.2016.
  8. Joint Inspection of the area (ML 108 Hect.) conducted on 22.03.2018 and the report of the same has been submitted to State Geologist, Shimla by Mining Officer, Nahan for necessary scrutiny before forwarding the proposals for Letter of Intent (LoI).
  9. The LoI has been issued on 27.06.2018 by Himachal Government.
  10. Single window clearance has been obtained on 03.02.2019 and MOU with Himachal Government has been signed on 25.02.2019.
  1. Getting Environmental Clearance : 1 year
  2. Land acquisition : 2 Years*

*Activity, with the full support of Himachal Government, shall start parallel to the above two activities.