सतत विकास

Sustainable Development

As per the MoU target and as per guidelines of DPE, the company is providingassistance to the people residing in and around our mines area through varioussustainable development schemes such as drinking water, education, infrastructuredevelopment etc. the facilities which are not properly available in this desert area.

In accordance with DPE guideline no. 3(9)/2010-DPE(MoU) dated 23.09.2011 thecompany defines the policy and planning on its sustainable development activitiesas follows:-

1. Since the company’s activities are in the desert area and the villages in andaround our mines are very backward in condition where proper drinkingwater facility, education facility, basic infrastructure like road etc. are notavailable the company’s SD policy is to help the people by way of providingsustainable development scheme to improve the living standard of thepeople.

2. Though mining of gypsum is farmer friendly, after mining of gypsum the areawill become fertile, however the farmers are unable to cultivate the landeven once in a year in these area due to low rain fall. The one of the mainreason for low rain fall in this area is lack of sufficient plantation.

3. In view of the DPE guideline vide office memorandum No. 3(9)/2010-DPE(MoU) dated 23-09-2011 and to mitigate the root cause of the prevailing theabove said problems the company will undertake the following activities inthe villages in and around our mines:

Schedule – A

  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Land rehabilitation – in the mined out areas.
  • Afforestation – Plantation of trees with tree guard.
  • Water Management
  • Rain Water Harvesting – in all the villages situated near mine areas
  • and at our registered office and near by areas.
  • Watershed development.
  • Energy Management
  • Renewable/Cleaner/Alternative Energy Usage.

Schedule – B

  • Training
  • Training of employees, contract labour, vendors, suppliers, partners,
  • local communities and other stakeholders on aspects of SD
  • Creating mandatory hours of SD training for employees.

Policy on SD

SD Target for the year 2012-2013