Our Objective:-
The main objectives of this service-charter are to encourage the employees by providing individual rights, work satisfaction & better environment of work.
Our commitment
Payment of Travelling Claims: – This will be paid within 30 days of submission of T.A bills.
Payment of Medical Claims: – This will be paid within 30 days of submission of medical bills.
Acceptance/non acceptance of leave: – The information about acceptance/non acceptance on any type of leave application presented by the employees, will be given before going on leave subject to condition that leave application has been presented as per the rules of the company.
Payment of Earned Leave:-This will be paid within 30 days of submission of application by employees subject to vigilance clearance.
Retirement benefits:- Various types of retirement benefits like Payment of PF, Gratuity, Earned leave will be made within 30 days of date of retirement.
Advance payment of provident fund:- Keeping the view of availability of fund, the payment of advance provident fund will be made within 10th days of each month.
Advance payment of medical:- The advance payment of medical will be made as early as possible or maximum to 7 days of presenting the application.
Resolving the complaints:- Any type of complaint presented by employees will be resolved according to complaint handling policy.
Implementation of welfare programme: – The settlement of benefits under welfare programme will be made according to conditions of welfare programme.

The service charter is not legal right however it will certainly help to implement the existing available rights.