Executive Summary and Corporate Plan



The Jodhpur Mining Organization was set up in 1950 with the objective of departmental exploration, excavation and mining of gypsum to feed Sindri Fertilizers Factory which was producing Ammonium Sulphate taking gypsum as a basic raw material and was a unit of the then The Fertilizer Corporation of India Limited.

With the change in the process in Sindri Rationalization scheme and reduction in the requirement of Gypsum at Sindri, The Jodhpur Mining Organization diversified its activities and developed a market from 1979 onwards in the State of Punjab, Haryana and U.P. for reclamation of sodic land.

Thereafter, Jodhpur Mining Organization was separated from The Fertilizer Corporation of India Ltd and was formed as a new company viz. FCI Aravali Gypsum & Minerals India limited (FAGMIL) in the year 2003 as a fully-owned Government of India Company, under the administrative control of Department of Fertilizers, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers with an authorized capital of Rs.10 crores and with a paid-up capital of Rs.7.33 crores.  It is a schedule ‘C’ Company.

After demerger, FAGMIL continued its operation of mining and marketing of mineral gypsum as well as agriculture grade gypsum.



The Company is, presently, engaged in the mining and marketing of mineral gypsum which is used mainly as a Sulphur nutrient to the soil, as a soil amendment to sodic soil and as an input raw material in cement manufacturing. The 16 gypsum mines of FAGMIL are located in the Districts of Jaisalmer, Barmer, Bikaner and Sri Ganganagar in the State of Rajasthan. Since its inception in 2003, the company is earning profits continuously.



The Company carries out the work of exploring the Gypsum from earth crust. Gypsum is a type of mineral that looks like a white color powder. It contains calcium and Sulphur and is known as Calcium Sulphate (CaSO4, 2H2O). It is found in the state of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal.  Rajasthan has 92% share of total Gypsum found in India spread over Barmer, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Sri Ganganagar and Nagaur District. 100% pure Gypsum has 23.25% Calcium and 18.6% Sulphur.  Thus it is main source of calcium and Sulphur which is essential for the growth of plants. Gypsum is used in producing the cement and plaster of Paris and also used as fertilizer in alkaline lands. It reacts with sodium and forms Sodium Sulphate which flows away with rain water and thereby calcium is retained in the soil.



  1. As a Sulphur micro Nutrient
  2. As a Land Reclaimer
  3. As a basic input for Cement Industry




1. HAMIRA Mohangarh 501.678 450000
2. Mohangarh 200.000 100000
3. SURATGARH Karnisar 48.730 40000
4. Ragunathpura-I 95.100 30000
5. Ragunathpura-Main 81.290 10000
6. Thethar 100.810 90000
7. Padampura 120.000 50000
8. Kishanpura-A 4.980 50000
9. RAMSINGHPUR Khal 86.120 50000
10. Dhandra 132.370 100000
11. BIKANER Kaoni 250.530 50000
12. Bharru 111.490 40000
Total 1738.078 1110000



The Company’s growth was exceptional during last 19 years of operation. It started with a paid up capital of Rs.7.33. The Shareholders fund as on 31.03.2022 is Rs.250.82 crore. Thus, it has recorded an impressive growth of 3382% over a period of 19 years. During the year 2021-22, the company achieved a turnover of Rs.41.44 Crore in comparison to a turnover of Rs.19.40 crores in the year 2003-04 and earned a profit before tax of Rs.15.57 crore in comparison to Rs.2.83 crore in the year 2003-04.

The Performance of the Company during the last 10 years is furnished hereunder.



Year Sales-(LMT) Turnover Net worth Reserves Cash & Bank Balance PBT Dividend
2011-12 8.18 66.53 109.27 101.94 119.71 29.05 5.42
2012-13 8.42 73.83 131.07 123.74 155.59 38.50 5.71
2013-14 9.29 88.59 150.64 143.31 169.87 52.10 9.30
2014-15 8.37 82.43 174.79 167.46 187.42 54.72 9.34
2015-16 7.30 63.80 196.64 189.31 199.36 44.32 10.26
2016-17 5.64 51.33 218.38 211.05 209.49 36.24 11.87
2017-18 4.29 48.60 245.42 215.42 208.36 31.58 12.30
2018-19 4.27 47.46 251.07 221.07 221.24 29.89 12.60
2019-20 4.99 35.87 250.20 220.20 222.96 21.06 12.51
2020-21 5.05 37.81 251.61 201.61 156.89 18.22 12.60
2021-22 4.13 41.44 250.82 200.82 42.34 15.57 12.55



The company has performed very well since inception but the performance has declined in last four years due to opening up of the sector for private miners and tough competition with imported material. Government of India Notified a change in the Mining Act of on 10th February,2015 wherein the Gypsum and other Minerals i.e. Feldspar, dolomite etc. (total 31 minerals) were brought from Major Minerals to Minor Minerals.  The State Government of Rajasthan, thereafter, notified its own policy vide Notification dated 28th October, 2016 and Gypsum was opened for the private sector. Government of Rajasthan has also reserved other minerals for their own State Government’ PSU i.e. RSMML only.  Gypsum is also being imported from the neighbouring country Pakistan which is of better quality than the indigenous Gypsum.


Besides, the FAGMIL was selling the Agriculture Grade Gypsum to the Uttar Pradesh Bhumi Sudhar Nigam for land reclamation of Sodic land project in the State of UP.  The project was funded by the World Bank which has ended in the year 2017-18 and the project is on the extended term.  Therefore, there is decline in the quantity of order in comparison to the previous years.  In the year 2017-18 the order was for 1.07 lakh tone only.  The other agency UP Agro has also not lifted any material for the last three years despite entering into an agreement.  This is also a cause for decline in the profitability of the Company.



Presently the company is dealing only in one mineral i.e. mining and marketing of mineral gypsum. Now the company has focused to diversify its activities into the field of manufacturing SSP, white cement and mining of other minerals like Dolomite and Rock Phosphate for which the company is making continuous efforts.



As per projections, the production of minerals and other products, Sales Turnover and Profit before Tax by end of 2022-23 would be as under:-



S. No. Item Unit 2022-23
1. Mineral Production Qty. Million Tonnes 0.476
2. Sales Turnover of Mineral Production Rs. Crore 56.44
3. SSP Production Qty. Million Tonnes 0
4. Sales Turnover of SSP Rs. Crore 0
5. White Cement Production Qty Million Tonnes 0
6. Sales Turnover of White Cement Rs. Crore 0
7. Total Sales Turnover (2+4+6) Rs. Crore 0
8. Total Profit before Tax Rs. Crore 14.75