To become a leader in Mining of strategic minerals including gypsum for reclamation of land improving the health of the soil with sulphur nutrients, infrastructure development through supply of ROM gypsum to cement industries and producing various types of Fertilizers. The Company’s mission is to establish and carry on in India or in any part of the World all kinds of business relating to Gypsum and other minerals and their by-products and manufacture of various types of fertilizers, all organic and inorganic chemical compounds including by products, derivatives and mixtures thereof. The main objective of the Company was to take over the entire unit known as Jodhpur Mining Organization (JMO) situated in the State of Rajasthan, being a Unit of Fertilizer Corporation of India Limited and to carry into effect the Scheme of separation (de-merger) of JMO with effect from 1st April 2003, as approved by Honb’le BIFR/the Central Government in this regard.

The other objectives of the company are as under:

  • To mine and market Gypsum & other organic and inorganic minerals efficiently and economically in an environmental friendly manner.
  • To effectively manage the assets & resources of the company to ensure a reasonable return on investments and to maximize internal resources.
  • To work out diversification / expansion schemes for the growth and to increase the Profitability of the Company and promote forward integration consistent with govt. policies/ guidelines.
  • To venture into Production of other fertilizers such as SSP etc. in consistence with Govt. policies/ guidelines.
  • To continuously upgrade the quality of human resources and promote organizational and Management development.
  • To care for & protect the environment and also improving on the standards laid down by Pollution Control Authorities.
  • To increase customers satisfaction by providing quality products & services.